2-Touch-Screen Extension 5-Door Intercom System

2-Touch-Screen Extension 5-Door Intercom System

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ZDL-V15025-Doors 2-Monitoring Screen Voice/Video Access Control Intercom

System Description:

The ZDL-V1502 5-Door Entry Intercom System is a Voice/Video Access Control System designed to communicate with entry doors and between interior monitors. System route real-time video calls from included 5-Door Entry Camera Panel to included 7-Inch Touch-Screen Monitors. Both Screen displays incoming call door number for user to accept and unlock attached electronic lock, or ignore to be archived in the video message inbox for later retrieval. System actually support 6-Entry Doors with 12-Interior Monitor Extensions, interior monitors can call and receive call from specific extension in the group.

List Of System’s Other features include:

– System Requires ONLY 2-WIRE For Installation

– Auto-Display Guest Video Call In All Monitor Group Simultaneously

– Touch To Accept,Or Ignore To Reject Call On Any Monitor In The Group

– Touch To Unlock Attached Electronic Lock To Specific Entry Door

– Archives Guest Snapshots + Video Events [32G SD Card Required For Video Recording]

– Function To Listen-in And See Specific Entry Door Activities

– Review Guest’s Photo + Video Events By Date/Time

Voice Call To And From Specific Extension [2 + More Monitors Required]

Support 12-Interior Monitors [Call + Receive Calls From Extension Group]

Support 6-Entry Doors [Unlock Individual Lock From Any Extension]

Support 4-Analog Camera At Each Entry Door [View In All Extension Group]

– Support 6-Separate Automatic Sliding/Swing/Revolving Door Sensors

Support Up To 200-User Access Key-Cards

– Integrate Digital Video Recorder [To Archive CCTV Camera Video Event]

– Missed Call + Message Alert

– Support KNX HOME AUTOMATION Extensions

– Language Choice Of English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsch, Espanol, Turkce

Wiring: Only 2-Wire is required to get this system up and running. Support high quality CAT5E/CAT6 Twisted Pair, 22 or 18-Guage 2-Conductor Wire [Check Specification To Choose A Wire According To Wiring Distance].

System Options:

Support 6-Door Cameras Max – Add Here: ZDL-V1 1-Button Door Station Panel

Support 12-Interior Extensions Max – Add Here: ZDL-V700 Touch Screen Monitor

Electronic Locks: Door Strikes [Other Locks] Magnetic Locks [Mag-Lock Accessory]: Request To Exit Button Support Key-Fobs/Cards: Key-Fobs/Cards

100% “Quality Guaranteed” 1-Year Equipment Warranty


ZDL-V1 [Vandal proof Outdoor Station Panel With Camera]

Technical Details:

Door Camera

–Video Format + Resolution: CMOS 2-Mega-Pixel

–View Angle: 90-Degree Diagonal

–Focus Length: 2.2MM

–Adjustable Angle: Up/Down/justify/Right 12°

–Min. Illumination: 0 lux [8-Super IR LEDS For Night Vision]

—-Technical Features:

  • —Support 200-User IC Key Cards
  • —5-Additional Door Camera Support
  • —4-CCTV Camera Support Per Door Camera [18-Total With 6-Door Cameras]
  • —Support CCTV DVR Integration
  • —Door Lock Status Detection
  • —Tamper Alarm Monitoring
  • —Support NO/NC Locks [Dry Contact E-Lock Terminal Output]
  • —Adjustable Unlock Time Delay
  • —Request To Exit Terminal Output
  • —Simple Door Camera Address Setting

Other Technical Details:

—-Power Details

–Working Voltage: DC 24~30V

–Working Current: 30V 150 mA

–Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ [-40 ~158 Fahrenheit]

–Static Current: 30V 25 mA

–Working Temperature: -25℃~+55℃ [-4 ~131 Fahrenheit]

–Panel Dimension (W/H/D): 120 X 194 X 44.7mm [4.73 X 7.6 X 1.76 Inches]

—-Cable Requirements

–[Based On Wiring Distance]

–Cat5E/Cat6 Cable: 1-Pair [Twisted Pair] 525-Feet From Power Supply

–[Bridge With 2nd Power Supply If Distance Is Longer]

–22 / 18-Guage 2-Conductor [Speaker Wire]: 360-Feet From Power Supply

–[Bridge With 2nd Power Supply If Distance Is Longer]

ZDL-V700 [7-Inch Soft Touch Smart Monitor]

—-Technical Details:

–Screen Size + Display: 7-Inch TFT

–Screen Resolution: 800 X 480

–Video Event Storage Maximum Support: 64GB

—-Technical Features:

–Screen Operation: Soft Touch

–Buttons Available: Big Graphical Touch Style + Structure Embedded Button

–Button Functions: Talk, Monitor, Unlock, Intercom Extensions, Message Retrieval, Ring Tone

–Slot For Up To 64GB Mini SD Card [For Video + Snapshots]

–Monitoring Mode Functions [View, Talk, Record/Snapshot, Unlock In Monitoring Mode

–Support KNX HOME AUTOMATION Extensions

—-Other Technical Details:

Power Details

–Working Voltage: DC 24~30V

–Working Current: 30V 200 mA

–Static Current: 30V 15 mA

–Input Voltage: AC 100 ~240V

–Monitor Dimensions (L /W /D) :220 X 140 X 24 mm [8.7 X 5.5 X 0.94 Inches]

What’s Included

–2-7-Inch Touch screen Monitor

–2-Monitor Wall Bracket

–5-1-Button Outdoor Panel (Door Station Camera)

–5-Door Panel Bracket

–DC 30V 1Amp Special Power Supply – ZDL-171Power Supply (AC100 – 240V) Works Worldwide

–1-System Operation & Installation manual

–1-Mounting Screw bag


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