Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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This Fingerprint Door Lock System is a Standalone Lock system that utilizes Fingerprint, Password & Duplication-proof Mechanical Key for authentication.
Reliable and stable lock that runs on 4-AA Batteries.
Features 120-400 users
Easy installation, programming and operation
Mortise with Automatic Deadbolt locking
Automatic Fingerprint programming
Forged steel housing with stainless steel mechanical structure
No wiring required
Backlight for nighttime operation
Alarms when tampered
Auto-Lock when door closes
Panic exit function that opens lock from the inside by use of lock handle
Easy Passage feature that can temporarily mutes door operation.
Low battery warning features
With embedded Energy Saving features that guaranteed approximately 35,000 openings before batteries totally runs out.
Even, if batteries becomes too weak to power this lock system, 1-single 9-Volt battery can be used to activate lock.
Non-volatile memory to prevent sudden data loss from battery weakness or replacement.
Comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty


Fingerprint Recognition Time: ≤1.2s
Fingerprint Capturing Time: ≤0.2s
Fingerprint Permissible Variation: ?±5mm
Permissible Angle of the Finger: ?±180 degree
FAR (False Acceptance Rate): < 0.0001%
FRR (False Rejection Rate): < 0.1%
Fingerprint Capacity: 400
Working Temperature: -18C°~55C°
Working Humidity: 0%~99%
Power Supply: 4pcs AA Alkaline Batteries
Fingerprint Resolution: 500DPI
Fingerprint Collecting Window Size: >18mm×22mm
Battery Life: unlocking more than 35000 times, can last for more than one year
Collecting Life: 1,000,000 times
RANGE OF APPLICATION:Home, community, villa, office, laboratory, classified papers office, information center, factory, storehouse, financial system of the bank, store of valuables, star-rated hotel, and other places require safety.


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