Card Door Lock With Prox Reader

Card Door Lock With Prox Reader

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Card Door Lock With Proximity Reader – TCP/IP Wired Radio Frequency Identification Lock System

Offers 2-Unique Options: Real-Time Communication With Front-Desk Terminal, And Conventional Operating Method

Require “No-Contact” Secure Encrypted Smart RFID Keycard to grant or reject access.

A Web-Based Mortise Lock designed with impact resistance High Quality Solid Steel. POE (Power Over Ethernet) Lock with full support for your existing LAN (Local Area Network) network. High quality security Steel Deadbolt maintenance free lock system. Cost effective wired Lock System with configuration accessible via pc-browser. See the illustrative image below to view lock options.

Features Real-time doors/room-door status monitoring, door ajar alarm, remote deadbolt over-ride, auto-update lock activities, multi-user platform, up to 5,000 locks within a single network, retreivable recent 800-lock system “Events”, backup Batteries with Auto-Switch system that senses power failure and software solution to access Lock Features via internet browser.

How Does This Lock Work, And What’s Included In The Kit?

This Lock has an inbuilt card reader with a visible Inductive Area To SWIPE Keycard (s). The Keycard (s) stores the Digital Signature Encryption issued by  ONLY this lock, and upon verification grant or restrict access. Simple…. Perfect option for small Offices, Gyms, and simple Access Control applications. Not sure if this Lock will work for you? Click Ask A Question About This Productor contact us at 708-841-8300 to inquire about customization of any Lock and required Software for your operation.

Note: This kit is NOT intended for large commercial Applications. Just a cost effective way to implement simple Security without bitting hard into budget. Click any of the category links below to view various customizable designs:

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Is This Lock Kit Safe? Yes, it is, and this is why…. Each  Lock Kit comes with proprietary UNIQUE Digital Signature aboard that Only validate requests from included Reset/Programming System Card. This card uses information obtained from the lock to generate user Keycards, delete lost or stolen keycards and more…  Note: 3-rd Party Keycard will not work with this lock.

Other Options For This Lock: 

1. Add Reset/Programming Card – You can add more BLANK Master card here……… RFID-Lock Keycard

2. Add Extra Keycards – Need more Keycards for your application, click here to add more…….  RFID-Lock System Keycard

3. Add Lock Activity Extractor – Cap


1-Year Full Warranty – Quality Guaranteed

Finishing: Solid Silver Stainless steel 

RFID MIFARE® technology,100,000 times write life for keycard, contact-less reading keycard
Free-engage handle while locking
Powered by AA battery, easy replace new
Openings 20,000 times for one new battery pack
Built-in buzzer and self-detect light.
Low Battery Voltage warning(beep and red light)
Audit trail records the latest 800 lock transactions.
Passage mode activate by passage card for meeting case
Do not disturb(DND) function: When turned on from inside, lock will refuse keycards from  outside by showing red light. Bur could be over-ride by emergency card.
Panic release function: the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy egress when emergency happens.
Each hotel lock equipped with double clock, control the guests check-in and departure time accurately, Make your management of rooms easier.

Power: (AA)battery x 4pcs
Low power alarm voltage:4.8V
Working Distance: 45mm Max
Working Tempreature: 0-60?
Working Humidity: 15~85%RH
Static current: < 30uA
Working current: < 150mA

Emergency Access: Master Card override, Duplicate-proof Keys

Door Thickness: Between 1.5-Inches to 2.75-Inches

Door Edge/Space(If a Designer Door): Must be at least about 4.3-Inches

Actual Lock Panel/Housing Size: Height= 9.5-inches / Width=Approx. 3.03-inches / Thickness= 0.63-inches

Mortise Size: Height= 8.03-inches / Width= 4.173 / Thickness= 0.9-inches

Euro Mortise Height= 9.05-Inches / Width= 3.149-Inches / Thicknes= 0.629

Handle Orientation: We will contact you

Weight: Approx. 10Ibs

What’s Included In The Box

1-Complete Lock-Set (With Front & Rear Handle Panel)

2-Mechanical (Physical) Key

1-Reset/Programming Master Card

5-High Frequency 13.56MHZ Keycards

1-Mortise With All Required Hardware & Fittings

1-Frame Plate

Required Mounting Screws

1-Lock Installation Instruction & Template

1-Operating Manual


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