Code Keyless Keypad Entry Door Lock

Code Keyless Keypad Entry Door Lock

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Need more than just one access option, replacing your current home/office basic locks with this triple feature Keypad/Contact-less Smart Card Lock System.
This Lock System is a Stand-Alone System that require no wiring, easy 1, 2, 3 hassle free installation. Utilize the included Pre-programmed:
Changeable Default Pass Code
5-Programmed Keycards
That works in conjunction with the Operational Software aboard the Lock to operate.
Why Do I Need This Lock:
Well, if you have shared entry point (s) within given premise (s), or various locations and have concerns about:
How people with your keys have 24-hour access
Tired of replacing lost keys
Restrict access to certain people or group based on time
Utilize 1-Key Card for multiple room access
1-Key Card for multiple buildings
Re-usable Keycards
Multiple Access Options
Visitor Doorbell
Tamper Alarm
Panic Button (Opens Lock From Inside)
Easy Passage (Mutes Lock Operation
How Does This Lock Really Works:
Either waive the Contact-less Keycard, or punch-in assigned Key Code, or use included Remote Control & (System Administrator) in the card slot aboard the lock (Same way you insert credit card at the gas pump) to gain access or rejection if not authorized. Each lock system capability varies, as it all depend on the level of control and security desired by you. But this particular lock support:
Room for up to 299-Key Cards
Add/delete unused, lost or stolen Key Card
Store access information
Access control data retrieval/download
Scheduled access based on time
Single/Group access control
One Keycard for multiple locks
Distinctive locking user keycards (Either single/double lock)
Multi-building operation support
Duplication-proof emergency mechanical key
Approximately 1-year battery life
Does This Particular Lock Allow “Access” Data Collection: Yes
(Note: Requires Data Collector) Click Here: Data Collector
So, What’s Actually Needed To Make This Lock Work?
Your new lock will arrive at your door operational along with programmed 5-Key Cards with 2-Mechanical Keys. (Note: You will need 4-AA Batteries). And if you:
Need more Key Cards for this lock (Click Here:RFID-Lock Keycard)
Need each Key Card programmed differently? Sure (With extra cost)
Need your LOGO imprint on your Key Cards? Sure (Must buy 100-Keycards, or pay extra fee)
Need Key Card Encoder for this lock to make your own Keycards? Click Here:RFID-Lock Key Card Encoder


Electronic Door Lock System
Low battery warning:<4.8V(Can still operate more than 200 times)
Password Digit Allowed: 6 to 12 digits password
Door Thickness 38~70mm(Can be customized upon request)
Password capacity:1-Administrative password and 50 user passwords
Reader frequency:13.56MHz
Operating voltage:DC 6V(Four 1.5V alkaline batteries)
Relative humidity:20%90%
Card type:Milfare-1 Keycard
Read Range:≤3 cm
Operating Temperature:-20℃~50℃
Dynamic power:<120 mA
Reader time:<1 second
Static power consumption:<15 Microampere


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