Intercom Video Doorbell 4-Touch-screen Monitor Kit

Intercom Video Doorbell 4-Touch-screen Monitor Kit

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ZDL-V1047 – Intercom Video Doorbell 4-Touch-screen Monitor Kit

System Description: The ZDL-V1047 is a 2-Wire 4 Room Intercom System with direct press extension type calling button. System utilizes only 2-Wire for Audio, Video, Power and Access Control Signal. Voice and Video quality is magnificent with many unique capabilities that include Video and Snapshots event archives. System support up to 6-Doors and 12-Interior Extensions with communication between extension groups. You can equally add up to 18-CCTV Cameras with option to integrate a DVR System.

List Of Other Features Include:

– Direct Press Visiting Guest Vandal proof Call Button HD-Door Camera

– Interior Touch Screen Extension Auto –Display Visiting Guest Real-time HD Video

– Touch To Talk, Unlock Electronic Door Lock Or Push Call To Voicemail

– Support 64GB Mini SD Card [Card Sold Separately] For Video Recording

– Support 6-Door Camera Extensions

– Up To 12-Interior Touch Screen Monitor Support

– Support 18-CCTV Camera Total [Requires 6-Door Cameras Total]

– Unlock Attached Electronic Lock With Valid Key Card/Key fob

– Support Up To 200-Key Cards / Key fobs

– Review Recorded Video And Snapshot Event

– Door Status Detection + Tamper Alarm Function

– Support Integration Of External CCTV Digital Video Recorder [DVR] For More Security

– Support KNX HOME AUTOMATION Extensions

Wiring: Only 2-Wire is required to get this system up and running. Support high quality CAT5E/CAT6 Twisted Pair, 22 or 18-Guage 2-Conductor Wire [Check Specification To Choose A Wire According To Wiring Distance].

System Options:

Support 6-Door Cameras Max – Add Here: ZDL-V1 1-Button Door Station Panel

Support 12-Interior Extensions Max – Add Here: ZDL-V700 Touch Screen Monitor

Electronic Locks: Door Strikes [Other Locks] Magnetic Locks [Mag-Lock Accessory]: Request To Exit Button -Support Key-Fobs/Cards: Key-Fobs/Cards

100% “Quality Guaranteed” 1-Year Equipment Warranty


ZDL-V1 [Vandal proof Outdoor Station Panel With Camera]

Technical Details:

Door Camera

–Video Format + Resolution: CMOS 2-Mega-Pixel

–View Angle: 90-Degree Diagonal

–Focus Length: 2.2MM

–Adjustable Angle: Up/Down/justify/Right 12°

–Min. Illumination: 0 lux [8-Super IR LEDS For Night Vision]

—-Technical Features:

  • —Support 200-User IC Key Cards
  • —5-Additional Door Camera Support
  • —4-CCTV Camera Support Per Door Camera [18-Total With 6-Door Cameras]
  • —Support CCTV DVR Integration
  • —Door Lock Status Detection
  • —Tamper Alarm Monitoring
  • —Support NO/NC Locks [Dry Contact E-Lock Terminal Output]
  • —Adjustable Unlock Time Delay
  • —Request To Exit Terminal Output
  • —Simple Door Camera Address Setting

Other Technical Details:

—-Power Details

–Working Voltage: DC 24~30V

–Working Current: 30V 150 mA

–Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ [-40 ~158 Fahrenheit]

–Static Current: 30V 25 mA

–Working Temperature: -25℃~+55℃ [-4 ~131 Fahrenheit]

–Panel Dimension (W/H/D): 120 X 194 X 44.7mm [4.73 X 7.6 X 1.76 Inches]

—-Cable Requirements

–[Based On Wiring Distance]

–Cat5E/Cat6 Cable: 1-Pair [Twisted Pair] 525-Feet From Power Supply

–[Bridge With 2nd Power Supply If Distance Is Longer]

–22 / 18-Guage 2-Conductor [Speaker Wire]: 360-Feet From Power Supply

–[Bridge With 2nd Power Supply If Distance Is Longer]

ZDL-V700 [7-Inch Soft Touch Smart Monitor]

—-Technical Details:

–Screen Size + Display: 7-Inch TFT

–Screen Resolution: 800 X 480

–Video Event Storage Maximum Support: 64GB

—-Technical Features:

–Screen Operation: Soft Touch

–Buttons Available: Big Graphical Touch Style + Structure Embedded Button

–Button Functions: Talk, Monitor, Unlock, Intercom Extensions, Message Retrieval, Ring Tone

–Slot For Up To 64GB Mini SD Card [For Video + Snapshots]

–Monitoring Mode Functions [View, Talk, Record/Snapshot, Unlock In Monitoring Mode

–Support KNX HOME AUTOMATION Extensions

—-Other Technical Details:

Power Details

–Working Voltage: DC 24~30V

–Working Current: 30V 200 mA

–Static Current: 30V 15 mA

–Input Voltage: AC 100 ~240V

–Monitor Dimensions (L /W /D) :220 X 140 X 24 mm [8.7 X 5.5 X 0.94 Inches]

What’s Included

–4-7-Inch Touch screen Monitor

–4-Monitor Wall Bracket

–1-1-Button Outdoor Panel (Door Station Camera)

–1-Door Panel Bracket

–DC 30V 1Amp Special Power Supply – ZDL-171Power Supply (AC100 – 240V) Works Worldwide

–1-System Operation & Installation manual

–1-Mounting Screw bag


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