Multi-tenant Building Wireless Phone Entry Intercom System

Multi-tenant Building Wireless Phone Entry Intercom System

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Works With All Cell & Landline Telephones. Unlock 2-Separate Doors Remotely. Features Smart Key-Card Reader With Support For Additional Exter

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The ZDL-7600 Multi-tenant Building Wireless Phone Entry Intercom System is a Communication Intercom System With 2-Door/Gate Access Control Relays designed for Multi-unit Residential Building communication needs. User-friendly Intercom System capable of routing guests calls to user Smart or Land-line phones. Registered user simply answers incoming calls just like any regular incoming call and simultaneously grant access by simply pressing the asterisk-key [*] popularly known as the Star-Key for the 1st-Door/Gate access, and Number-key  [#] commonly known as the Pound-Key for the 2nd-Door/Gate access.

This particular model support 3-System Administrator Phones, 600-Regular Users [600-Tenants], 3-Phones For User Records, 3-KeyCards For User Records + 1-KeyCode For User Records.

Features 2-Door/Gate Relay, with an auxiliary Wiegand Input/Output capable of integrating the ZDL-WE04 Wiegand Expansion Box [ZDL-WE04 Access Control Box] to add 4-more Relays to secure 6-Doors/Gates combine with ability to archive registered users Access Reports retrievable remotely.

Adopts 4-separate Door Opening methods: Phone, KeyCard, KeyCode & SMS, and system is fully compatible with any phone [Mobile or Land-line] regardless of geographical location. Super simple installation steps with support for local and remote programming.


System Features

– Support Up To 600-Tenants + 3-System Administrator Phones

– Support Any Phone [Any Mobile Or Land-line Phone Regardless Of Region]

– 5-Separate To Unlock Connected Door/Gate:

  • Press The Asterisk Key Popularly Known As The Star Key [*] When Communicating With Guest.
  • Unlock With Registered KeyCode
  • Show The System Your Registered Smart KeyCard To Unlock
  • Registered User Can Call System To Unlock With Phone.
  • System Administrator – Unlock With SMS

– 3-Separate Programming Methods

  • Locally – Directly On Device
  • Remotely – With Smart Phone
  • PC/Laptop

– Up To 3-Phone Numbers + 3-KeyCards + 1-Access KeyCode Per User

– 1-Door/Gate Relay With Expansion Capability

– 1-Smart Card Reader With Expansion Capability

– Temporary Door/Gate Access KeyCode [Contractor Temporary Door/Gate Access KeyCode]

– Mail-man Door/Gate Access: Relay Support USPS Access Mail Boxes

– Temporary Delivery Driver Access KeyCode, Or KeyCard.

– User Audit Trail [Retrievable Remotely With Specific Time + Date]:

  • Door/Gate KeyCard Usage Records
  • Door/Gate Access KeyCode Records
  • Specific User’s Visitor Traffic Records
  • All Users Visitor Traffic Records

— Expanded Door/Gate Access Report [Remote Retrieval Report Of Door/Gates Connected To ZDL-WE04 Access Control Box]


Application Scope

Cost efficient Intercom System solution for Apartments & Condo Buildings, Multi-tenant Building Complexes and Commercial Office Buildings. Saves you even more if replacing existing:

  • Land-line Phone Entry Systems [Only Requires $10.00 Service Fee In The USA & Canada]
  • Wired Building Intercoms [Because No Wires To Run]
  • Designed With Gated Buildings And Communities In Mind
  • Saves You Thousands Of Dollars – Installation Cost
  • All Sensible Options Included For The Fraction Of The Cost, And Still Affordable.
  • Mountable Outdoors [Requires The Custom Hood Protector – ZDL-H7000]
  • Elderly Users Friendly


Got Custom Application That Requires Custom Recommendations?

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Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Equipment Replacement

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Cellular – Mobile Network, GSM/4G

Communication Type-Intercoms

TTY Support, Voice Only


ZDL-7600 Multi-tenant Building Wireless Phone Entry Intercom System

– System User Capacity: 3-Administrator + 600-Tenants

– Total User Phone Support: 1800-Phone Numbers

– System Panel Screen Size: 3.5″

– Tenant Directory: Yes

– Registered User Edit + Audit Trail Report: Yes [On-Site / Off-Site]

– System Storage: 8-GB Storage [Backs Up System Data Daily]

– PC Support: Yes [User Manager Software]

– Network Support: 2G, 3G, 3G LTE GSM, 4G [LTE, HSPNA] Works World-wide

– SIM Card Requirement: NANO [Same Used By All Cellphones]

– Service Required: Talk & Text/SMS [Some Cellular Network May Require DATA To Access 4G Service]

System Board Relays

– 2 Door/Gate Relay

– 1 Smart Card Reader With Option To Connect 2nd Reader To Auxiliary Wiegand Port On Board.

– 1 Auxiliary Wiegand Output [Capable Of Connecting ZDL-WE04 Access Control Expansion Box]

– Door Contact Sensor

System Power Information:

– Power Supply: 15V (AC-110V ~ 240V) World-Wide Operation [Included]

– Working Current: 100mA (Standby)

System Housing Panel:

– Housing/Panel Material: Aluminum

– Housing Size: 11-Inches Tall / Approx.: 7-Inches Wide / Approx.: 1.8-Inches Thick


What’s Included In The Box

— 1-ZDL-7600 Intercom System

— 4G SIM-Card [Installed]

— 8GB Memory Card [Installed]

— USB To SD Card Adapter [To Manage Included User Manager Software]

— High-Gain Radio Antenna [Installed]

— 1 100 ~ 240VAC 15VDC 1.5Amp Adapter

— Mounting Parts + Screws + Wrench

— Installation & Programming Instructions

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Hardware Warranty


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